Friday, January 19, 2007

No Work, Shop Day

Today, went to MidValley, for briefing (bout the new project which is going to do start doing from next week onwards... And this project going to search for car owners and principal maintaners for their car which is new... NOT really brand new car la, from 12 months till 18 months old cars like that lo.... Haha... This project seems kinda hard for me, I have no confident I can do good in this project... *worries....>.<* Haihz....
Then, after the briefing, Me and Shu Qi go to walk walk and see see.... Haha.... I ate Tako Tao again!!! Haha.... It' so delicious I hope I can eat everyday!! XD But I think my face is become rounder and rounder and chubby till look like the Tako Tao already!!! >.<>
And after I ate the Tako Tao, me and Shu Qi decided to go to McDonalds, buy ourselves a fizzy drinks and sit down, chit chat... Our friend which is also working at the same place, same as Interviewer - Kevin, kinda can't believe that me and Shu Qi actually can talk for so many hours... But we really can... Kevin just sit for a while and then he go back because his friend will let him tumpang along.... hehe.... He only know how to USE people only la... XD haha
After talk for a 2 hours, we decided to go to Living Cabin to buy ourselves a notebook... We like to write out our feelings and our thoughts so that our brain won't full and lag... I really like to state out my thinkings and draw, write inside the book... I like to draw, anything, write anything I feel I like to... That makes me and my brain have the space to breath.... This world, is a world that makes people suffocating, and I choose writing on books, writing on blogs, take pictures, drawing to release my tense and my stress....
*Living Cabin - a lovely shop which sells lovely stuff, souveniers.... ^_^*
*Lovely notebook - RM5.90... State my thought in a piece of remember...*
After we bought notebook from Living Cabin, we went to a place called Yoyo Snack to have a drink and sit down... *Drink again.... haha* Me and Shu Qi really start writing... Anything that comes into my mind I'll just write and draw... We write for bout 30 mins... and then talk, and then continue write again... haha.... Until 9pm... OH YA!!! Forget to introduce you the NICE, YUMMY RED BEAN ICE DRINK!!!! Haha....
* we got the number '4'.... the number '4' is something bad in the cultural of Chinese and Japanese... In Japan, the cross junction also known as 'shi kai'... means death world.... Hmm... Not a really good number... But.... this number brings....
*Nice, Tasty, Delicious, Red Bean Ice!!!! YUMMY~ ^o^*
Although we didn't do anything that makes money today, but I feel good... Probably it's because I list out those thinking which appears deep from my mind and my heart... And I feel that I have space to put some more burden and things on my back again... I need to put down something to lift up something, I need to breath so that I won't suffocate, I need to move on from 2006 to 2007... Alot of things I feel like I already dump behind me, I won't recall all those things that happened in the year 2006 which cause me a pain in my heart, especially people... I will use a new personality, a new thoughts, a new way to manage my relatioship... The relationship I'm talking about is refer to friendship (Since I don't have any Love life... hehe)... And Hopefully this year will be a good year for me... Haha... Hopefully....


  1. Lol, so nice wor.
    go mid-valley everyday r?

  2. i think go too many times also will sien ne~ ^^"

  3. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Hi Reiko, I konw this year will be good for you Reiko. You are a very special person, I can see it in your writings. I know sometimes you feel like your head is so full of things you can't breathe, I feel like that sometimes.It is nice you have a friend who will hang out with you and talk. Please be sure that I too am here for you. I will send you an e-mail later.
    Luv You Rainbow Girl

  4. Kevin6:07 AM bad bout me here la..

    walao..who's that dave63 =.=