Sunday, January 07, 2007

First Post Of The Year

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I know it might be late for me to greet, but late is better than nothing isn't? Ok, stop with those crap....
New Year, New Resolution... This year, I think it's a turning point for me because I'm going to turn 20 this year and there's no more the number "1" in my age!!! (T_T) I miss being young.... and I miss those crazy moments that I've been through with my friends all these years... but yet, I know those amazing moments are not going to stop if I reach the age 20, I know, I'll work harder to make sure miracles and amazing things really do happen to me or those people around me...
What else we can do in New Year?? Haha.... I think I'm kinda lost in this year also due to the end of my study and my high school life, there's no target for me to aim for or no objective that keeps me moving on... Kinda boring and lost in these few days... I think I already start wasting time in this very NEW YEAR... I'm so no use. haha XD
And another thing is I think this year is quite a bad start for me because I've met with alot of bad things and bad luck this year... I've become extremely POOR just at the begining of this year, and I meet with some stupid mat rempits(a.k.a stupid malay fellas who think they're very good in showing some STUPID motor skills)that makes my car bumper half drop!!! And I get scolded by my mum after I tell the truth! WHAT'S WRONG I TELL THE TRUTH???? AT LEAST I TELLdidn't I???Haihz... How am I going to cope through those bad things that is going to happen in the next 11 months and 23 days? Oh~ who please come rescue me!!! I think there's been a bad feng shui for me, I better start to learn some feng shui tips and change my fate before my fate change ME! haha....

*I think I have to sleep a while and keep my mind clear! I think I can't continue with this post... - I NEED SOME SLEEP!!!*

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  1. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Hi Reiko, you make your own luck sweetie. Sure you feel your life as a young person is over, well let me tell you something Rainbowgirl, the rainbow girl I know needs to know a secret. I am 43 and still consider myself young. Its not about age, but attitude. I do stuff that makes me happy, if you make yourself happy then a little bit of sunshine will pass to others. (David Bowie) You are a beautiful person, do not let others negative attitudes affect your positive attitude. Luv U kid