Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 more hours to go...

And Bye Bye year 2008!

I think I'll have a GREAT start - by arguing madly with him and now he's out from the house.

I'm kinda emo to explain the whole story now... So I'm not going to do it.

Here! Some picture I took this afternoon to represent my feelings now:

Was raining this late afternoon... Even thought that tonight will be raining too. But guess what, it doesn't.

The sky is clear and the KLCC and KL Tower shines like diamonds now!

Thought that everyone will accompany me for not celebrating New Year...

My feelings really f**ked up now!!!

What the F**k!!!


Happy New Year by the way...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hisss and Byesss

Wow~ 2008 is going to an end! O_O

Can't believe that we're going to celebrate New Year's Eve tomorrow and then the 1st sunrise of 2009 will appear in the sky at Thursday~

Time past by really really fast... Especially when we grow older. Hmm~

When I study secondary school, time seems like passing by slowly. Now you see, I just feel like I pregnant the day before yesterday, deliver my baby yesterday, raising up my baby today and then *poof* my baby boy grows up become a handsome guy tomorrow and I'm old the day after tomorrow. Haha~

In this point, people do usually ask themselves what they did in this whole year... Same as me too. I will always murmuring inside my heart: What the hell I've done in this whole year... But I only can recall some small pieces of memories which are those big incidents even a retarded also can't forget.

Being quite emo lately. Felt that I couldn't really do anything well in my life. Ok, maybe not my whole life but at least I couldn't do anything good for this time being except being a good mummy.

I'm not good in doing housework, that's why my house is always messy and dirty. My hair keeps on falling that it worries me soooooo much that I'll become botak(bald) one day in the future. Financial crisis (I'll keep this to myself). Didn't get in touch with my friends anymore. Feel like wanna hang out but don't know where can I go and who can I ask along. Aiks.... A 21 years old's life couldn't be anymore worst.

Things happened in my life are so not happening that I don't even have to urge to blog and share with you guys. See la! Cham or not... X_X Haihz~

I WANT TO CHANGE!!! I think this will be the "REIKO'S MOTTO OF 2009".

Really hope that I won't be so lazy, won't be so sudden emo, won't be so casual till look like a 50 years old aunty, won't be so dead fish that I lost my sense of humour, won't be so complicated thinking, won't be so poor that I find nothing to eat in my house when I'm hungry in the middle of the night, won't be so lazy to blog, won't be so less connected with my friends (Especially SEISYUN! X_X), won't be so..... Aiya, whatever negative la!

I will try to pack up and tied firmly everything negative in my life, and dump it into the Lost Sea of One's Memory. Then~ I shall say "Hi!" to the Rising Sun of 2009, welcoming my new life, the new me!!! hehe~

Do you guys give yourself a new year target or new motto of the year? Maybe you guys can share with me! We can give some support to each other to work it out! ^^

Anyway, here's some random happening in Christmas Eve 2008...

Went to meet Kok Bun's friend - Wei Zhen at the Man's Hainan Kopitiam at Cheras, Maluri there. Just those small shop lots at the back of Jusco.

Didn't think that this small Old Town Kopitiam alike de Kopitiam did something which warms their customer's heart - They actually give out presents!!! Even though you went there and just ordered a cup of RM2.80 White Kopi, they still will give you a Christmas present! How nice right?

Guess what I got...........................

A Towel. Hand Towel it is... Kok Bun also get the same gift! Lol~ Just different in colour only.

And the waiter and waitress there keep on take photos with us and give my baby a baloon and treat us candies too! Haha~ Very Christmasy passionate they have....

And ya~ You know what? This restaurant actually got an award for the Restaurant's Toilet in Wilayah Persekutuan Category. WTF! Haha~ And this actually attracted Kok Bun and his friends to the toilet. End up kinda disappointed because nothing special. LOL~

Ok la, I also don't know I type what dy... So late now it's 4:05am dy, me gotta sleep lo~ Hehe. Bye Bye~


Nothing special -_-"""""""

*Covered my messy, lion-king-a-like hair with a green hat. WTF 戴绿帽!!???
**Cut my hair yesterday, Bye bye hair, hi to new hair style.
***Wow~ Liverpool ended 2008 with STYLE!!! You'll Never Walk Alone! Heart You All! Keep it going to the top!!!!
****Belated Merry Christmas to all people who viewed my blog...=_="Sorry I'm late to wish.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Attention Cat Lurversssssss~~!!!

Just when I was reading Audrey's blog~ I saw her received one book called "ICanHasCheezburger?"

LOL~!!!! XDXDXDXD What a funny but cute title!!! And Audrey provide a link response to this cute book~

I'll show you some cute,funny,nice picture! (If not funny don't boooooo me k?)
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

English they're using is abit annoying for some people, so please forgive ya~ They're just kitty anyway~

Check out for more~!!=

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Routan Baby Maker 3000

Somehow the word "Routan" sounds like orang utan to me....

Was wu-liao blog hopping in the middle of the night, read Suet Li's blog and saw she's playing with this virtual baby maker thingy....

Ok, I tried the REAL baby maker then I should give it a try on the virtual ones. Hehe~

And the result end up like this:
I gotta find my jaws at the floor after laughing like hell~ Haha! What the *toot*.... How come the baby will look like... erm... *Undescribable*

Not giving up, I try another one, by changing Bun's photo. Why not mine? Because I think mine is good enough! Haha~ *Narcissistic~*

The 2nd one turn out to be this:
Ok~ The 2nd one looks better to me... But TOTALLY different with my son in reality~ Haha~ These virtual babies all turn out to look like more ang moh-ish while I already choose South Asian for the blood stream.

But weird, me and Bun don't have double eye lids, the result of both babies have double eye lids... Weird....

Anyway, show you ONE of my latest collection of Photo of the CUTEST boy boy in the world~
*Cutie~ XD*
Cute right? right? Wish to have one? Make your own then! XD Haha~

P.S:Typing the keyboard with short finger nails just feel so wrong~ Always typo mistake X_X

Sunday, December 14, 2008


We didn't talk much to each other... Everytime I talk to you maybe there's something I need your help or what-so-ever... We never do a father-daughter talk at all right? Since the day I can start to remember things...

Somehow, when I was small, I envy my playmate/schoolmate/neighbours so much. Nothing else, just because they got to see their father because their father reached home early after work and they can always captured their dads attention on what they're doing. Whenever I see you, you're under some not-so-concious state a.k.a drunk...

But when I grow older, things changed, my feeling towards you changed too. You doesn't seem to gain yourself an important place in my heart... Or I can say, in my teenage life, you only got yourself a somewhat 5% seat inside my heart... I don't know... I just seems don't care that whether I see you or did I talked to you this week...

Just this year, ugly things happened. Shameful me just got myself into a sticky situation... No one can stand up and help me, but there you go... Without saying anything, you give me your help. Useless me...

I can totally remember what you say when Kok Bun's parents come to house to propose... You said that you want everything set up nicely and doing according to Chinese tradition, because you only got me, the one and only daughter... Did you know my tears almost flow out when I heard what you said? I just couldn't believe you care so much for me....

For the 1st time, I know that I mean something to you. And I know that you're right there at the bottom of my heart. Your perfect daddy image seal perfectly inside the treasure box of my heart.

Even though you drink alot, you smoke alot, you curse alot, you will still be my perfect dad... You will always be... Until the day I close my eyes eternally...

Happy Birthday Daddy~!!!*sob*

Friday, December 12, 2008


*From this sooooo black looking, no genki looks....
*To this super lovely, novel looking, cutie apple cheek fair Japs gal look*(Don't vomit)
Yes, I know why I don't like to look at mirror now....

Photoshop is soooooooo damn addictive and I think I look like the cover girl of those young girls novel! XD

By the way, encountered something today...

Was at the Danau Kota Chinese Reastaurant having my lunch.... I ordered one cup of fruit juice which is Lemon+Apple....

And I have to pay RM3.60 for it....

I don't really get it actually...

Yes, I know I mixed fruit, means 2 fruits in total, but I just manage to drink it all in one cup leh~And of course fruits they use are lesser when they do it in seperate cups right? Then why RM3.60 then?

If like RM1.80+RM1=RM2.80 ok la I give you, but two fruits in one cup's price = two fruits in two cups price....

If like that I early early order 2 cups better lo~ Then mix inside my mouth. =_="

Yikes.... Money Sucker.... No wonder the restaurant also called: Restaurant Ganda Dua! X_X

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Juicy Couture Accessories

Doing some promoting here~ hehe....

My hubby are selling some accessories in forums and friendster... There's alot of accessories such as earrings, necklace etc....

Some big some small some long some short... haha~ Alot of varieties....

I'll post some of the items here, you can have a look first...

*Juicy Lucky Girl Charm Bracelet - There's a U Shape马蹄 (I don't know call what in english =_=""") that's why I call this a lucky bracelet. Haha XD*

*Juicy Full of Gold Charm Barcelet - Very shiny 18KGMP gold bracelet ^^*

*Juicy Girl's Favourite Charm Bracelet - Got one big diamond ring there, haha~ Can took out and propose with it! XD*

*Last but not least - Juicy Couture Crown Bear!!! I LOVE THIS MOST!!! Those diamante are super shiny *_*! It's a long necklace by the way...*

All the photos are taken by ME, design by ME!!! Muahahahaha~

Been putting alot of effort in it. Not an easy task to took accessories photos especially you're seriously lack of equipment X_X

If you're interested with things I post, you can look more at:
Some items are under clear stock promotion! Price are as LOW as RM10!!! You'll regret if you don't get yourself one! Hehehehe~