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Emotion Rollercoaster

After mad angry and pissed off, here I am... Super sad...

This emotion thingy sure likes to torture me to the maximum.

Now my heart is whining whenever I think back what happened yesterday afternoon.

I feel like crying now, no joke!

Yesterday, noon, I was taking nap with my son.

I don't know what got into me, but I had this dream.

I don't dream usually, but somehow I did yesterday.

I know that Gackt was going to Singapore with his fanclub fans. And I heard Kim-Chan said that he'll be helding at concert at Singapore too!!!

How exciting is that??? I wish that I was there!!!

And yesterday's dream is about Gackt!!! This is so amazing because the last time he appeared in my dream is years ago!!!

I dreamed that I was in a car, heading to somewhere... (Maybe Gackt's concert or small meet ups with Malaysian fans, I don't know... Not so sure about it.)

And I was on the highway.. I guess the meet-up is somewhere far from KL. (Maybe Singapore?)

After a while, my car run out of fuel, so we have to make a stop at the nearest petrol station.

While the car is filling with petrol, a car stop behind ours so close I look up want to see who is it and want to show the fucking driver international hand gesture!

But, I saw someone is sitting at the back, at the same time looking at me.

That person is wearing a pair of sunglasses, and after 3 secounds stunning there, I immediately realise that person was Gackt!!!

I was so thrilled and excited I quickly ran back to the car and search for my camera.

I run to Gackt's car with my camera, open the door without permission and I burst into tears, asking/begging him to take a picture with me!!! (Seriously, I felt like the real life me was crying too!!!!!)

I told him how much I adore and love him since the day I knew about his existance in this world.

And with a kind, gentle soul, he agreed to let me take picture with him.

I asked Bun to hold the camera for me, and then I quickly run to Gackt, stand beside him and start posing...

Suddenly, Gackt said:

You can hug me if you want to....


Seriously, CAN I?????

Everything is so unbelievable, after his permission I hugged him and took picture of that pose!!!

I was too happy to think about anything, I think I took that picture with my tears flowing down like river too...


Dream gone...

When I was awake, I couldn't believe that everything was just a dream!

It was so surreal that everything I see/touch/sense, I feel that it was for REAL! Like what we usual see/touch/sense in real life.

Disappointment and sadness strucks me like tsunami....

I just couldn't stop feeling lost about it!!!
I'm so lost and sad I don't want to say anything more after this.

I want to pop my head to bed and hope I can dream about Gackt again.

Good Night!
Sweet Dreams~ Don't end up crying like me ya~! :(


My current emotion status:

ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... ( as long as the 'R' can go!!!)

There's so much disappointing things happen in one day that I just want to ROAR it out LOUD!!!

What did I do wrong to people in this world that I have to deal with all these stupid kanasai things that happen to me????????

Is this karma???? I swear I didn't kill animals indirectly for luxury brand's boots/bags/clothes! I'm an vegetarian in fashion aspect!!!!!

But still, why???????

Niama! Damn dulan!

Dulan Issue No.1:

I'm not one of the finalists for the Twisties Lurve Affair contest!

Okay, please make it clear... I am not saying that I am 100% deserve to be one of the finalist, but at least let all the candidates know that we are not chosen for it!!!!

I get no phone calls or emails or any notification for this!!! A condolences email/sms very difficult to write meh???

We're just nervously waiting for the notification STUPIDLY.

Don't we look like a bunch of funny people, looking and staring at the sky for the whole week because we thought there will be meteroids raining down but end up bird dropping shit on us???


Even weather reporter will say sorry to audiences for the absence of meteroids even though that's 100% not their fault that meteroids aren't appearing!

But an email/sms of notification for failing the screening test is very EASY to compose and send but yet the company failing in doing that.

I'm very upset and disappointed that I totally think I've wasted my time sitting at the advertisement office for almost 1 hour and a half for nothing! (Except I get to know Lizzie, this is the only thing I gain!)

We're told to be there at 3:45p.m. Many of us did but not for the client!!!

We, all the candidates have to wait for the clients to arrive! Wasting our precious time! How sucks! Give me back my half an hour life that you're late!

This morning only I realise that 3 finalists are chosen, from the Twisties Lurve Facebook account.

And what? The 3 finalists lurve affair are with plants, rubik's cube and Twilight.

Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???????

Can you say that you'll still love the same plant 30 years from now?????
Which the plant only can be recall through memories because it dies so fast???

Can you say that you'll still love solving rubik's cube 50 years from now???
(Yeah, maybe you can Alex!!! I think Rubik's Cube Lurve Affair is quite interesting! My vote are YOURS!!!)

Can you say that you'll still love Twilight series 80 years from now???
You're sleeping with the books??? How about putting it in the same grave with you 80 years later then???

But seriously, lurve affair with plants and Twilight book series!!!???? What's in the head of the judges?????

Come on!! Is these all the best you guys can get???? You judges can definitely do better than that!!!

Everybody can have their own plants and Twilight book series!!!!

I can't believe that judges think creation of God a.k.a human beings a.k.a my son are less interesting than ordinary plants and books!!!

And definitely there are more feverish plants lover and crazier Twilight fans out there! So, what's the big deal with these two????

Have you judges see my son or not?????? If you didn't, SHAME ON YOU for judging things superficialy!!!

He's superb adorable and a godsend future actor to be for your information!!! Definitely more cute and funny than plants and books!!!

I'm not in desperate to win that Mac notebook, but I seriously don't think these two deserve in winning it too based on their lurve affair. That just don't make any sense!!!

As I've said, your love for plants and books are not a long period and stable affair that you might change as fast as you can when you saw something new!

When your plant die, you find a new, cuter plant to replace it, and a new love affair begins?

When you found that another author writes more outstanding, indescribable love between vampires and humans, then you dump your Twilight book series (Ok, maybe not dump, but keep the book in some door-closed-cabinet and then totally forget about its existance) and decided to go to your new love?

These love affair are just bullshitsssss!

Argh~ I still can't understand why plants and Twilight book series are interesting lurve affair and can be chosen as one of the finalists!!!!

Even Lizzie's Lurve Affair with her Shoes are way better than these TWO!!!!

Damn dulan!!

Dulan Issue No.2:

Wangsa Maju, Genting Klang and Setapak areas are famous because of TAR College and its students all living in the area as I've mentioned.

Lots of people walking around, lots of cars and lots of restaurants and cafe.

And the thing I'm going to ROAR about are the people!!!!!

Are you guys blind???? Can't you see that the car is coming???

Yet you guys STILL CROSSING THE ROAD with a SLOW SPEED like turtle!!!

And what? The car have to stop and let you cross the road first then only the car's turn to go!?


How many times do I have to encounter this type of turtleshit people???????

This happens almost EVERYDAY when I'm at Jln Genting Klang or at the Tian Xia/ Wei Yi Restaurant around Genting Klang or at Desa Setapak Shop Lots!!!!

It is either people walk so slow because they're dragging their big ass with them while crossing the road or people who thinks they're so skinny, walking aside but in fact NOT! They're walking in the CENTER OF THE LANE!!!!

I don't like people to get into my way!!! Seriously NO!!!!

And yet, I don't want to honk you because I scare it will embarassed you, I thought you will be smart and know your position immediately and shift aside/stop aside first and let me pass!

But apparently NO!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT STOPPING OR SHIFTING OR DOING ANYTHING!!! You're still in a slow speed, either crossing road or walk in the center of the lane!!!!

You guys don't have any dangerous feelings or something like that??? Or you guys just seriously aren't afraid of dying in accidents???

You guys don't mind dying but I very mind about it because I don't want to run my car over you!!!! It'll dirty my car!!!!


The corridors of shop lots and pedestrian bridge and pavement walkway are there FOR A REASON!!!!!

Which is for all of you these turtleshitsss to walk on!!!

Don't ever think it's okay and it SHOULD be the car waiting for you to cross the road/walk in the center of the lane until you reach your destination!


Next time if you saw people honking around Setapak area, maybe that person is me!

Dulan Issue no.3:

I'm staying in one of those government low cost flat...

And recently they decided to paint the whole block DUCK SHIT GREEN!!!!

What the fuck??? There are whole bunch of colours created by humans but you choose none other than this SHIT COLOUR!!!


Who approve this SHIT COLOUR to be painted on the building's walls anyway????


Whenever I come back from outside, and look upon the building's colour, I feel constipated!!!!

And no shit, the feeling is very irritating!!!

The colour just make me no mood for shitting!!!

Can I complaint to DBKL for this? Seriously.

They desperately need NEW building contruction consultation.


I wanna move to a new condo or something!!!!



When one person is in bad mood, everything seems to get in her way, easily.

And too, the perspective of seeing things are different.

If I'm in a good mood today, probably I will think:

- Oh~ It's totally fine for dropping out from the finalists. Maybe my son is not attractive than plants or books.

- Wow! Their love affair sure is unique! (Plants and books????? Unique My ASS!!!)

- I look like shit I don't deserve to be on the screen or 8TV Quickie. Sighs!

- It's okay, just go ahead cross the road slowly, I'll wait for you.

- Oh, poor lil girl, so hungry she forgot the existance of CARS...

- Oh~ Duck shit colour is one unique colour... Haven't seen it on any building before!




All my photos have vampire teeth because it'll look fiercer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Twilight.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me - Post-Celebration Ver.

A long and picturesque post! Read at your own risk and don't be late to your school/work/date/appointment/ or anything you have to do on time after reading my blog!

LOL! I can't stop laughing at myself for being a super procrastinator!

I actually blog about my birthday celebration after almost 2 months!

Hell yeah! This celebration happened at 5th, 6th and 7th of June~!!! XDXDXDXDXD

Anyway, I was mad happy because I celebrate my birthday at one of the most significant hotel at KL!!!!!!


And it's none other than The Gardens Hotel and Residences!!!!

*On the way~!*

*The art of escalators*

Here we are:

*Hotel's Lobby... Not like what I'm expecting... A bit less grand-ish...*

Right after I checked in, Hana come and find me! She happens to shop around MidValley with her sister Nicole so they stop by and visit Xuan Xuan US! LOL!

*Nicole and her new love XD*

*While we chatting at the lounge area at the lobby, this lil fella just can't keep quiet. He insist in discover the lounge area 100% by climbing here and there!*

After Hana and her sis left, now is the time for exploring!!!

*Yeah, 1722, my room number!*

*The King Deluxe Bed! Super Comfy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*The mini bar hidden inside the cabinet!*

*Their awesome bathroom!!!!*

*You'll find everything you need in this wardrobe! From iron to ironing board to shoe shine!*

*MAX HAPPY! I can have bath with bath tub for THREE DAYS!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!!*

*Toiletries! But do you dare to use their lotion? Me don't!*

After we enough lazying in the room, we decided to bring Xuan Xuan to go for his first swim in his life!!!!!

*Beach Chair and Palm Trees... Imma relaxing in heaven!*

*Lots of people swimming!*

*I'm so ugly I decided to heart-cencored my face out for not spoiling your day!*

*After half an hour swim, Xuan Xuan become grumpy because of tired! Pity boy*

*Beside swimming pool, they have gym facilities too*

Not long after the swim, we received calls from Bun's mum! o_O"""""

Why is she calling???? I thought she was at Ipoh??? Is she planning something for my birthday? If not, is she trying to ruin my birthday????

LOL! It seems I'm over-reacted and actually she doesn't know when is my birthday! hahahahaha!

She called because she happens to be at KL that weekend and she's one of the helper for a ritual held by her religion association. It's a blessing ritual that hope for good luck and properity.

Anyway, she called and ask us whether we wanna attend the ritual. Maybe just for one night. (The whole ritual thing is going on for 3 days 2 nights).

Although I wanted to say no Of course we say yes! It's been two months since we last met. This is an opportunity for us to see her and vice versa.

And so, I say goodbye to the comfy king deluxe bed and all of us head to Chinese Assembly Hall just around Petaling Street there. (Yeah, the ritual held at there!)

The sunset is sooooooooo beautiful that day I just couldn't resist to camwhore with the shiny sunlight! XD

*One of my FAVOURITE photo of me! :D*

*I like the light from behind but I hate the car's P sticker!*

We parked our car at the police station around another end of Petaling Street, and we're mad fungry and don't know what to eat!!!

You say funny or not? Local people arrive at Petaling Street don't know what to eat!

We want something cheap but delicious. I suggest we can eat the famous Lao Shu Fen! Bun giving me the -_-" and say don't want because it's expensive! What the!!! It's super delicious ok??????????

And so, we settle our dinner here:
*A stall with so many bee hoonsss~!*

*Fried bee hoon and fried mee at the back*

The price is not that cheap... At least not as cheap as Setapak ones. And also, the food tasted so-so only.

After dinner, we walk to the Chinese Assembly Hall. Have to go through the scary padestrian bridge which lives a beggar with 3 mattresses! Damn funny when we saw that!

*The Chinese Lion statue at the main door of Chinese Assembly Hall*

We reach the hall by 8pm. We thought the ritual has started but no, Rinpoche wasn't arrive yet. After we meet Bun's mum and bring to socialize with her friends a while, everyone face expression suddenly become so serious. Then we know that the 'Precious One' has arrived!

Yeah, Bun's mum religion is Tibetan Buddhism. Cool right? My first time joining the activity of this and I get to see one of the highest rank people in the religion!!!

*Tibetan Lama's outfit is mad awesome!!!!!*

*Pardon moi's blur photo! The one with white cassock is Rinpoche... And I've heard that this is his 17th life!!!*

In Tibetan Buddhism, they believe that people like Rinpoche do come alive again. Not physically but soul and spirit.

That means this Rinpoche has been reincarnation for 17 times!!!! How amazing is that???

*Rinpoche giving opening ceremony speech. He's able to communicate in English and Chinese!*

*The Blessing Ritual*

*Mantras! I bet you don't see these in your normal life!*

*One of the sacred item which brings good luck!*

*All the colours and lights are beautiful! And one thing is Tibetan Buddhism offers sweets and cakes and snacks while praying to Buddha, unlike us normal buddhism offers chickens, fish and fruits.*

*After some time praying, here comes the climax of the whole ritual, and this part is called: Abhisenca 灌顶
Means dispel the bad and inpouring the goodness into you*

Everyone have to queue up and walk pass all the Tibetan Lamas and Rinpoche for this Abhisenca. 5 of the highest rank Lama/Rinpoche will hold some sacred items in their hand, and when you walk upon them and bow, they will pat/knock your head with those sacred items.

One funny fact is, the strength that those Lamas and Rinpoche use in patting/knocking your head is based on the evil you have inside you.

The more evil you are, the more harder they'll knock your head! This is to chase away all the evil you have inside you, and then inpouring the goodness, luck and prosperity.

While me and Bun were queuing for the Abhisenca, there's one Indian guy in the queue too. Just about 3 - 4 person ahead from us.

I watched him walk up to Rinpoche and bow, and Rinpoche knock his head so hard I think that guy will feel dizzy after that strike!!!

And I'm so afraid that I'm gonna get hard knocking like the man, but luckily NO! Hahahahahahahahahah! That means I'm a PURE PERSON!!!!!!!

The whole ritual ends at 10:45p.m. Me and Bun were damn tired! After talk to his mum for a while, we went back to the hotel immediately! Just can't linger around any longer!!!! I want to sleep in that comfy big bed!!!!

*Bangsar view at Night*

*KL view at night!*

Right after shower and all, 3 of us sleep like dead pigs because we're longing to go to tomorrow's breakfast at the hotel's significant restaurant - The Spread!!!!

I ♥ complimentary breakfast by hotel!!!!

Me and Bun, 2 siao kias wake up at 6:00a.m.!!!!! The breakfast starts at 6:30a.m.

Poor Xuan Xuan couldn't even sleep more....

Breakfast, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Yellow is ITS colour*

*Hahahahahahahaha~ Xuan Xuan looks so funny blur in this photo!!! Hahahahaahahahaha
Sorry la, for waking you up at this early! XD*

*See! The sky is STILL DARK!*

We go explore around first:

*Nasi Lemaks and all cooked food, Malaysian style!*

*Ham, Bacons, Turkey ham, honey, jam, breads ala Western Style!*

*Bun's first dish is Nasi Lemak along with Jalapeno Black Pepper Sausages!!! Yum!!!!*

*Various Veggie, Ham and Wedges!!!!*

*Moi's first time trying Muesli!!!! First, it tasted a bit funny but somehow I think it's nice after get used to its sourish taste!*

*You can even make your own waffles!!!!!*

*Turkey ham, smoked raw salmon and super raw salmon!!!! Who wants to eat raw salmon so early???????*

*They even got Dim Sums!!!!*

*When me and Xuan Xuan leaving the restaurant, the sky is just about to turn bright! LOL!*

*The Awesome View from my room!*

And this lovely Saturday afternoon, my ji muis will be visiting me!!! Yay~ Gathering!!!

*Hana arrive first, at around 3pm something... I forgot... Anyway, this is her and her godson XD*

*We're having lunch at Yoyo Snack, MidValley! I bet this will be one of the cheapest dining place in MidValley area! Try it! It's NICE!*

After Kei and Son arrive, we decided to hang out at MY ROOM instead of crowded MidValley!

We're chatting and watching TV shows and playing with Xuan Xuan all the time.

This is one of Xuan Xuan's trick - Now you see me, Now you don't!

*Where am I????*

*I'm HERE!!! XD Mad CUTE!*

*People I treasured most in my life*

*Wanted to take Kei and Xuan Xuan photo but that lil fella keep on moving!!!! Don't Move la!!!!*

*Act cute!!! LOL!!!!*

Later that night, all of us had our dinner at Steven's Tea Garden (Except Aira, she had to rush back for family gathering. boo hoo~).

*Cucumber Eater*

Although we might not having super uber fun day, but being able to chat and dine with you guys makes me feel happy! :)

After all of them left, me and Bun decided to go Jusco to buy some foods. For Supper of course!! XD

*He got himself this 50% Off Bento!!!!*

Bun just loves Japanese Food! Imma going to spoil him with all the sushi next time when we're moving to decent house!

Same as yesterday, we didn't do much tv watching or so... We just pop our head to bed and sleep! Breakfast again for tomorrow!!!!

*It seems we're a bit late than yesterday! It's 7a.m. XD Me and Bun can't get up from bed due to its comfyness!*

We're done with all delicious food at 10p.m. There's slightly changes of food list but still, tasty! XD

So, for the last few hours at the hotel room, I shall record all the nice and comfortable feelings with my pink blinged camera! CAMWHORE TIME!!!

*Xuan Xuan and his obsessions with water bottles!*

*Happy Day!*

*I used the ribbon from Aira's gift and put it on Xuan Xuan head. And he looks uber CUTE!*

*I Love My Aviator Shades!*

*Nice boh? I love this photo of mine!!!*

After lotsssss of picture taken, and packing done, we say bye bye to the sweet and comfy hotel room... Bye~ I'll miss you!!!

And yeah! I'm dressing up nicely to celebrate my birthday with Peiyue, KokCheong and Kevin Tay at this decent, very Japanish Japanese Restaurant Nihon Kai! Located at Old Klang Road!

*Nihon Kai... Means Sea Of Japan 日本海*

Peiyue suggest to dine at here! At first I thought it was just some Japanese restaurant we see all around but no! This one is something you don't see everyday. Sushi King, Sushi Zanmai and Sakae Sushi are all so commercial.

The whole restaurant is soooo Japan-ish that they provide Japanese magazines and mangas for you to read when you're waiting for your food to arrive.

I bet the owner of this restaurant knows how to speak Japanese too!

I felt as if I'm living at Japan!!!

And here's our food!:

*Fried Japanese Tofu with soup. The tofu is super soft! Comfy like the bed back in hotel room! XD*

*What I ate that day - Butter Salmon!!!!!*

*The butter is evenly spread on every inch of the fresh salmon! The taste is SUPERB!!!!*

For your information, this is MY FIRST TIME ordering a salmon dish.

I never like salmon before because I think its fishy smell makes me wanna puke sometimes. But the salmon they use in this restaurant is fresh and there's no fishy smell at all!!!! Hooray~ I'm in love with Nihon Kai's butter salmon!!!!

As USUAL, someone is late for this lunch session. That person is none other than the Lao Gao King - Kevin Tay!


Anyway, after everyone of us finish lunch (including that lao gao), it's time for dessert! And the dessert is none other than my.....

*Happy 22 years old to me!*


I've been living for 22 years... But not one is as meaningful as this one does because I have my own family and friends which are always with me supporting me all along. I love all of you!!!!!!!

*The Forever SEISYUN! Qi will not be forgotten!*

*Seisyun -1*

*Thank You!!! You guys are the BEST!!!*

In case you guys are curious what gifts I get for my birthday:

*From Kei and Aira!*

*Leonidas Chocolates from Aira!!!! I bet they're expensive!!!! I spent 1 weeks to finish all these!*

*This is the most funny taste chocolate I've ever had!!! White Chocolate coating with green, smells like almond gluey fillings *

*Strawberries Windbell from Kei!!!! Super Cute!*

*Body Shop travel kit from Hana!!! Super useful for people who likes make-up and skincare!!! Thank you!!!! Loves!!*

*And from my family, this is the cake Bro Kian baked for me! Chocolate cake!!!! I'm one proud sister!!!*

Last but not least, from Bun:

*Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!*

*I'm MAD LOVING IT!!!!! Thanks Bun!!! You're the greatest! I will cook alot of sushi for you in future!! XD*

That's all for my celebration. I'm looking forward for next year's because by that time Xuan Xuan is able to walk/run/talk! Wooo~

*Am thinking to do a make-up related post next, should I???*