Monday, January 22, 2007

Ghost Cinderella feat. Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

I like to watch horror movie (already well-known among my friends....HAHA XD) And yesterday, Pei Yue sms me ask me whether want to join my secondary school friends along to go watch movie or not. At first, my original plan was going to have a yam cha session with Pei Yue at Desa Setapak BRJ, can chat with her also have my dinner together la... But since my secondary friend they all will come to MidValley to watch that movie, so I think I'll join them too la because one of my friend - Kae Tee, his birthday is next day, we'll celebrate with him with watching movie and go have supper together...
Sometimes I wonder, my friends they don't often contact with me, but one of them - Quan Koon often contact with Pei Yue... That makes me feel a bit weird la, they're suppose to be my friend right? But I end up don't know what is their plan or where are they going but Pei Yue knows... Haha, I'm not complaining la, just feel weird bout it...
I'm already at MidValley right? I have to wait to them... That time only 8pm... The show is 950pm... Wow! 1 hour and 50 minutes I have to wait *_*.... Ok, I was sms-ing with Pei Yue, and suddenly she told me to contact Alien that he probably will be at MidValley cos he'll purchase the ticket first... Ok, listen to Pei Yue's suggestion, I decide to look for Alien first... I called him up, and a girl pick up the phone... And I thought was his sister... But I'm wrong.... I have a bad feeling, that meeting Alien first was a wrong decision... But at that time I didn't listen to my sixth sense, we decide to meet each other at a place... After a 5 minutes of waiting at the Pets Wonderland, I know I'm doomed... That girl was his girlfriend, means from that time on, I have to change name to Phillip... You know the Phillip Light Bulb??? Ya, I'm a SUPER LIGHT BULB! I wish I ca find some necessary reason so that I can go anywhere without following them.... But I don't have the reason... I tried not to go so close to them since they look like dating... HAHA, I was super uneasy that time to be like a SUN SHINES BRIGHT behind them....

*SEE!!?? SUN!!!!!*

Ok, back to the topic... Haha... After Pei Yue and my friends arrive at MidValley, we went to McDonalds... At there, We talked and laughed all the time... It's been really fun hanging out with these guys... Haha XD... You can't imagine what kind of jokes they'll make and make you burst out your drinks!!! HAHA... OK, 950pm arrive, after purchase those popcorns, drinks and mashed potatoes, all of us went inside the cinema... I can't find the original movie poster, so I will just paste the one they show in their official website....

*Ghost Cinderella(translated title)... Original movie title is just Cinderella...*

Actually I kinda dislike the way that this director capture for the whole movie... I know he wants to make some suspend feeling to the audience, but he uses too much fade out, the whole movie have been cutted into alots of small parts which shows the life of HyunSu(daughter) and YoonHee(Mother)... Another reason why I was annoyed during this whole movie is I totally cannot find the differences between those female actors! This is the MOST ANNOYING part! Who ask you guys all go to do plastic surgery just to look nice in the screen??? You know you guys all look like the same and I feel very confused who is who!!!! Without speaking out their names, I really confused by those girls... Too many same style of eyes, nose, mouth, jaw lines, hair colour!!!! @_@ If this movie is been direct by a Japanese horror director which is so well known even Hollywood directors also invite him to assist them in directing movies - Shimizu Takashi, probably this whole movie will bring a different kind of horror feelings... There's totally no horror feeling in this whole movie and I feel very confused by what the director wanted to show the audience... At last, after watching the ending of the story, I feel that this story have somekind of similarity with 'Dark Water'... A Japanese Horror film which shows the mother love for her daughter and the ghost too.... If 5 star ratings, I wil only give 2 star for this Korea Cinderella thingy.... HAHA XD... Me and Pei Yue sit together, we keep on asking questions why like this? why like that???? And I even can predict what the ghost will do and when the ghost will come out... haha... I can be the next horror movie directo XD *I wanted to be one....*

After the whole confusing of 94minutes.... Finally the movie ends and some of us wanted to go home and some of us are heading to the Ampang Water Front(AWF) to celebrate Kae Tee's birthday! Su Loong drop Quan Koon at Quan Koon's house because his father naik kepala angin want him to go back early... So only Su Loong, me, Pei Yue in the car... then we go to fetch Alien and Shino... Just after a few minutes we fetch them and heading to the AWF, reach Seksyen 1, Kae Tee phoned.... He ask anyone of us can drive one more car or not, because Co Yee's sister ask Co Yee to go home... Aiks... Then Su Loong do a 360' degrees U-turn and then head back to Alien's house again.... =_=" HAHA XD Ok, then after 20 minutes, we finally reach the Wong Kok Char Chan Teng located at Ampang Water Front...

*A nice, relax Hong Kong style Restaurant, this is the back of the restaurant ^_^"*

Alien missed the parking entrance, and he lead us to the back of the restaurant... We parked the car there and walk to that restaurant. There's a river between the road and the side of the restaurant, we have to cross a metal bridge.... LOL, looks like very adventurous... Pei Yue was so scared and I act like suddenly fall down and she was shocked!!! HAHA! She was so scared that time and I keep on laughing at her... You should look at her face, pale out... LOL.... Is this the effect of watching horror movie at night? HAHA

After we reach the restaurant, the whole restaurant was in purple colour~ *Romantic*... And we passed Kae Tee his birthday present. This birthday present was purchased in the Japanese shop at Sg Wang - Original Fake... Street style... Haha... Kae Tee got a cap and a basketball jersey... Looks kinda funny but expensive!!! *o* I only captured the shirt box which is so nice with graffiti at the back of the box and and the label... You should check it out...

*Pei Yue!!! Are you trying to steal the lime light from the box??? HAHA*

*Originalfake... Originally imported from Japan... Limited edition clothes and bottoms and caps*

You guys should look for this unique shop at Sg Wang, I forgot which floor it's located (Somewhere around 1st or 2nd floor....) but you can saw this shopw from afar because it's SOOOOOOOO Unique... ALL IN BLACK!!! So nice!!! XD OH~ Ok ok, back to the story....

*Hot Chocolate with Milk -RM3.50 YUMMY~!!!*

First we order drinks and some order for their supper.. We chatted and chatted and then, suddenly there's something HUGE coming our way, you know what is that? It's the promotion drinks offer by Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for birthday occasions... You need to have at least 6 pax and consume over RM30 to get this privilege! And the birthday person need to show their identity card to prove that his/her is REALLY celebrating birthday on that day! And now I may show you the most UNCOMMON SIZE drinks I've ever seen in MY WHOLE LIFE....

*SEE!!!! I told you it comes in an UNCOMMON size!!!!

*Every cups of drinks looks so small compare to the HUGE size Teh Ice*

Ya, I didn't tell you right??? It's a whole BUCKET of TEH ICE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA XD I know that since today onwards, none of us are going to order the drink teh ice in anywhere!!! Saw the word -TEH already wanna puke liao!!! HAHA... And let me introduce to you, the birthday BOY!!! N.Kae Tee!!!

*He posed with the Huge Teh Ice... Don't you think he looks familiar??? Haha... You know how he looks like??? Do you know the actor -Lau Qing Wan? Haha, we all thinks he looks like him... And Kae Tee have ALOT sense of HUMOUR too... HAHA XD Just like Lau Qing Wan too... HAHA*

After we chatted for a long time, Su Loong decided to play a game called '3,6,9'... There's 8 of us, and then we will speak out the number like '1,2,3,4...' and so on one by one.... I know you guys kinda confuse... Haha, but never mind the point is not here... When you're the number 3, 6, ,9 or 13, 16, 19 and others number with the number 3,6,9.... You cannot say the number from your mouth! You must hit the table once that represents you say the number like that! Did you get the picture??? HAHA... Never mind, OK, here comes the first round... We sit in a rectangular shape... Su Loong -> Alien -> Shino -> Chan Hong -> Winnie -> Pei Yue -> ME!! -> Kae Tee and then back to Su Loong.... And Su Loong start first, Su Loong = 1, and then Alien =2, and the Shino suppose to hit the table because she was 3 but she accidentally say the number 3!!! OK, here comes the punishment! One full cup of Teh Ice.... hahahahahahahaha.... And this game goes on.... Until 150am... Here comes the last round... And the last person who do the mistake have to drink the rest of the teh ice which left inside the bucket!!! WOOO~ Everyone was so scared because those teh Ice which left at least will make a 3 - 4 cup full!!!! WALAU EH~ So everyone was so scare and the games still goes on... I'm the 58, and then Kae Tee hit the table and then Su Loong was suppose to hit the table too because he's the number 60!!!! There's a number 6!!! But he say OUT LOUD: 60!!!! LOL!!!! That time you can see everyone's face was so RELIEVE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... And Su Loong's face looks so DOOMED!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD I still can't stop myself for laughing at it!!! I've capture some very moment of him receiving the punishment!! HAHA XD

*So busy drinking to finish the punishment.... HAHA!*

At last, after he finish those Teh Ice, his face looks like so SICK and he quickly went into the washroom and puke!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA XD I bet he'll never ever order Teh Ice for his whole life and the coming next life and the coming next life on... HAHA XD And now let me show you the whole punishment list:
Shino - 3 cup
Chan Hong - 2 cup *I think got 1 cup he drink so innocent lo because that time we reached the number 30 and the whole number 30-39 cannot be spoken... and all of us hit the table and that time he's counting his money and until his turn, he feel weird why we're all hitting the table without speaking out the number.... And he's the number 39!!! And he was like "HUH!!??? WHY ALL HIT TABLE??? WHAT NUMBER IS THAT OH????" HAHAHAHA We all laugh like hell!!!*
Winnie- 1 cup
Pei Yue - 1 cup
Kae Tee - 2 cup *There's one time Chan Hong say number 55, and Winnie suppose to hit the table... but don't know why Kae Tee ask Chan Hong "Drink LA!!!! WAIT WHAT OH???? YOU LOSE ALREADY!!! HAHAHA" And all of us look at Kae Tee and laugh!!! And then we remind him that Chan Hong was right, YOU'RE WRONG!!! YOU HAVE TO DRINK!!!! HAHA!!!! So funny because he just finish his 1st punishment and then immediately he get the 2nd punishment pula.... HAHA*
And the ultimate winners are ME!!!!! and Alien.... HAHAHAHA... we didn't get into any punishment, feel so relieve.... All of those loser looks so sick.... HAHA...

Yesterday was a great day and all of us feel so happy that we can stick together and celebrate birthday together... Although we're not really BEST friend, but you guys always will be my FUNNY friends... or I should say, funny DINOSAURS! *When they all walk in a straight line, they look like a bunch of dinosaurs which is going to devastate the things around them HAHA* Keep In Touch ya~! HAHAHAHA....
P.S. I would like to play the game '3.6.9' with you guys again! HAHA, how bout at Su Loong's birthday??? HAHA XD


  1. Anonymous10:17 PM

    THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN, YOU MAKE ME SMILE. I like reading your adventures. Thanks Reiko, maybe today wont be so BLUE

  2. Anonymous9:23 PM

    P.S. say Happy Birthday to Kae Tee for me.