Sunday, January 28, 2007

Live Report

I went!!! Went to that audition.... Haha... And stayed at South City Plaza for about 7 hours++!!! @_@ Really went crazy.... and really lost alolt of energy because of this audition... Not because I walk alot or talk alot or practise alot... Is because I sit alot and listen to those participants what they're performing until I become sleepy, going crazy and headache... Aiks... Here's the total live report from me - Reiko!!! Enjoy!!!

9:30am - I depart from my house, go fetch Suki... ^_^; Late again... suppose to go her house like 9am??? But I end up make up until I late again... A VERY BAD HABIT!!! X_X Suki!!! kanbenshite kudasaii!!!! >.<

10:30am - My car been hit by a stupid taxi and I end up like it's ok because that taxi was an INDIAN!!! Who knows he have parang knife inside his taxi??? And I'm late to fetch Suki... So I just let it be... and been going round and round at the South City Plaza's searching for the parking entry @_@ End up following behind other cars.... And FINALLY! Found the car park entry.... LOL

10:45am - Looking at the stage, go to the reception counter to take the entry form(I thought I emailed them but they say they didn't get any email from JYPE.COM... LOL! I thought International company like JYP should be more eficient in these things??? Looks like not....) Fill in AGAIN the form, and took my number!!!! It's number 241!!! 2+4+1=7!!! Lucky 7!!! My Lucky Number~ YAY!!!! ^o^

11:15am - Cannot hang on due to the emptyness of my stomach... Gotta fill in some food first... We went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng(HAHA, wong kok again!!!) I ordered a chinese herb soup and mashed potato, Suki ordered Lemon Coke and Mashed Potato... hehe... The Mashed Potato was delicious, and SALTY... you wouldn't want another order of this, even though it's yummy.... And my chinese herb soup looks like this:

If you really want me translate this chinese herb soup to english, It'll be something like 'Lotus Nice Smell White Fungus White Lotus Seed Sweet Soup'... I know it sounds LOL!!! haha... And this is the picture capture by me: SUKI!!

Nice isn't??? Hehe... With the thin straw she say cute~ ^_^ and this is the picture she took for me... Feel like a little bit ^_^;... but thanks anyway....

Ya... I know I don't look nice -_-"

12:00pm - after finish, we went to the place of the audition... It's a big stage located in the center of the whole shopping plaza... Alot of people.... And contestants too... I think South City Plaza won't be so crowded without these kind of events... This plaza even looks like going to shut down because lack of business and going to become bankrupt... Here! The Stage:

The guy with pink t-shirt(Loo Chun Ki a.k.a AG!! ^w^) is my secondary school which moved to Penang few years ago... We lost contact with each other since then... Not long ago just met him, during New Year that time, and today met him again... He intentionally come to KL just to take part in this audition... He's beentaking part at Superstar also... But disqualified during 2nd stage... He say he probably lack of the style of a superstar needs.... I don't know la, probably still needs time to develop.. hmm...

1:30pm - Judges need to have lunch break... so the whole stage fall into Clipso Hair & Make-Up Academy's hand!!!! They're having a fashion show based on Chinese New Year theme and Graduation too... hmm... A long, long event!!! @_@ Somebody SAVE ME!!! Those Berjaya Group's students have REALLY BAD TASTE of choosing hair colour and style and the costume to show to audience... HOW COULD THEY JUST SIMPLY DYE MODELS HAIR INTO COLOURS AND LET THEM WEAR ON THOSE SLUTTY CLOTHES WHICH HOOKER WEAR TO CLUBBING AND SHOW THIS TO AUDIENCE???? OHH~ My eyes are burning!!!!! *_* Due to the uglyness of this group of people, I decided not to take any picture of it because I KNOW MY CAMERA ALSO UNWILLING TO TAKE THESE UGLY PICTURE...
Next group is Imbi group, their theme of hair style and fashion show are OL(Office Wear), Dinner Wear and Retro...

I just have one picture of it due to lack of specialness... There's no different with people wear to work or dinner.... Just the same... At least they could make it more special right??? Haihz... They call this a fashion show... LOL!!! Don't let me laugh till I roll onto the floor la!!!! HAHAHAHA XD And then, there comes the UNIQUE and AMAZING fashion show~ NAH!!! THIS IS WHAT I CALL FASHION SHOW OK??? But those models are very suffering due to their make-up and special hairstyle and special costume... I took alot of pictures with my lousy camera phone... haha... Hope you won't mind because those picture are quite blur actually....

*This girl actually act as DUST WOMAN... LOL!! She have alot of dust(made of wool) and spider web(white nylon string) on her costume and hair... She holds a vacuum header when she come out... She even have a big spider at her back!!! The spider looks cute though... HAHA XD Due to Chinese old tradition, dust and spider webs are consider as unlucky charms... So before the Chinese New Year season, Chinese have to clean their house and chase away all those bad lucks have been staying in the house for the past year...*

*This black costume represents bad luck too... Chinese don't like black colour because they believe it'll bring bad luck to them.... The head gear of this costume really high up tall!!!*

*After chasing away all the bad luck, here we welcome the red ones, also as known as good luck!!! ^_^ No need me to explain lo why Chinese like red colour la~ haha...*

*Valentine's Day Special... HAHA... I also don't know why they use the blue colour as the colour of Valentines... But I saw the BIG HEART on her head gear... Isn't it heavy???*
*Cherry Blossom Girl... represents love luck to Chinese... I wonder why this costume call Cherry Blossom, it's white & milky pink colour should be match with Cotton Candy!!! Haha... Looks like cotton candy to me~ YUMMY~^o^)
*I forgot what this costume represents... The only thing I can remember is her tall head gear, shiny fabrics.... All in white...woo~*
*The Future Star Fighter - LOL!!! HAHAHA... Don't know la, she doesn't look like girls from outer space... Just like some weird people... HAHA... Those lousy MCs even say that this girl also represents FA MULAN... Hey!!! Don't insult my china heroin la!!! Which part look like MULAN???? =.=""*

*Another kind of flower... I don't know what It calls but It represents Chinese New Year... HAHA XD*

*The last one I captured!!! A peacock costume... Peacock also represents as a bad luck chaser and invites good luck in too... I like those peacock feathers... So nice~ YA!! OF COURSE!!! Because they're REAL!!!*

4:00pm - This whole academy graduation last for 2 hours!!! @_@ and finally, the audition starts again... And it's going to be my turn!! I'm waiting inside a room along with others contestants and we listen to Rules & Regulations... And then after that, we have alot of free time... Inside that room, there's a TV and DVD player, and playing RAIN's first Concert DVD... LOL... This is the first time I've ever watch the whole song sang by him... Hmm... The only thing I can say that is I still dislike his singing but his DANCING IS AMAZING!!! *o* WOW~ So amazing that makes you wanna dance along too... ^^

5:00pm - It's my turn to go up the stage... haha... And I feel nervous actually... My hands are freezing cold and I only can smile blankly to the video recorder at the middle... 10 person were required to go up stage in one time and I'm the 5th person to perform... And they limited us ONE PERFORMANCE EACH! JUST CHOOSE THE ONE YOU'RE GOOD AT!!! T_T I was going to perform singing, modelling and dancing... And now I could just do modelling performance only.... >.<>

*When I walk up to the middle of the stage... There's a mic at there... I pick it up and start to introduce myself... but...

*the mic seems to have no batteries... T_T why is this happening to me??? LOL* and another mic given...

*Self-introduce.... HAHA... BROKEN ENGLISH for no-talent-people like me... HAHA XD*

5:20pm - My turn ended... No one were elected... T_T Including me.... Haihz... I know I wasn't good enough to become a superstar or something... So this time just treat it as a good experience!!! At least I over come my fear and go up the stage to perform... HAHA

Picture Of The Day:

*This picture is taken in my car while waiting for the red lights to turn green... Cars beside saw we took pictures... I think they'll think we're freaks!! Haha...
After the whole audition ends, we went to Desa Setapak Paradise to have a snack time... Those fried squid and fried chicken were nice... Refreshments are mine - Coca Cola + vanilla ice cream and Suki - Sarsi + Vanilla Ice Cream.. The VERY FIRST CAN of SARSI delivered to the table, has a COCKROACH EGG on it!!! EWWWW~ Sucks man!!! We change it faster before it hatch!!!! HAHA XD Then meet up with Potato, go to JJ to have a walk and go home to finish my post!!! SEE!!! I so LOVE you guys I POST BLOG even I'm tired like hell!!! Thanks God you have a friend like me... HAHA XD No la, Today is an unique experience to me... Share with you guys makes me feel that can make you guys feel what I feel too... Hehe...


  1. haiz... go for audition then fong me fei kei la! "happy birthday" tis movie really nice n touch la.. u may go n watch oh! wan me accompany also ok! hahaha =p

  2. Kevin4:13 AM

    haha..u also "late king" la..still dare to say me..kanasai =.=

    haha..parking also cannot find..wakakakaka =p

    ur costume makes u look like a waitress la..teh ais satu!!haha =p

  3. Peiyue: No la~ I really thought the audition will end fast... who knows it continue till evening T_T me also pening kepala liao
    Kevin: you janagan cakap banyak banyak, even though I wear like a waitress, also a waitress in french restaurant... not a mamak stall ok? You bodoh!!!

  4. but then still a waitress rite?haha =p

    oh wat dishes in french restaurant r?aiyo dun care satu!!wakakakaka =p

  5. KANASAI!!! You drink wine de meh??? I thought you drink pee de?? WAHAHAHA

  6. i saw u two walking at desa that day!!!

  7. Kaede:LOL... ya, i know you and your family saw me and Shu Qi there... haha... Kei told me.. HAHA

  8. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Bravo! You were marvelous Honey. I cant wait for you to have your own show. Maybe I can help out. Lets see, I can't sing, dance, model, act, or tell jokes. Maybe you have broom and I clean up stage after show. hehe

  9. Kevin4:51 AM

    Honey -.-"

  10. LOL!!! Haha... Thanks David!!! You're such a good friend!!! NOT LIKE THAT STUPID KANASAI KEVIN! Only know how to critic people!!! NAH!!! This is what I call friend ok??? Little Kevin!! You still have A LOT OF THINGS TO LEARN IN YOUR LIFE! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  11. Bairon6:52 AM

    reiko my e-mail is