Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Daisakusen!!! @->--

Yesterday is the day me and Pei Yue wanted to do something special about this year's Valentine's Day... Which means we're going to make chocolates!!! Haha... And this is also the first time I put efforts in making such things to celebrate Valentine's Day~ OwO Haha.. So, actually we already say that wanna meet each other at the bus stop outside the school.. But, due to late sleep the day before, I totally don't know I sleep till the time their class dismiss!!! Ahhhh~ Sorry for being late again!!! Sorry~ So change plan!! I'll go to Pei Yue's house directly! Ok... About 3pm, I arrive at her house... Haha....
I'm so brilliant and intelligent that I buy the wrong ingredients the day before... I WAS SUPPOSE TO BUY SHORTENING POWDER and I went to Cold Storage at KLCC and bought DOUGH SOFTENING CREAM!!!! AHHHH~ X_X And then, the other thing I'm proud to be so SMART is that I forgot to bring the most important thing in making chocolates - Which is THE MOLD!!!(Rabbit Shape~ CUTE!!!!) Aiks.... Is this the consequences of sleeping late??? @_@ Haha.... Never mind... So after I found the website of how to make chocolate... So LET's GET STARTED!!!
*Cocoa powder - main ingredients!!! If not, how to make chocolate????*
*Evaporated milk... a.k.a as Susu Sejat!! LOL*
*VANILLA!!! This Vanilla smells so tasty I feel like wanna eat all... like how I eat ice cream~!!!*
And also, some powdered sugar, butter.... And then, mix everything together with mixer... And you know what it becomes??? It looks like this:
*Creamy teaxture chocolate cream!!! Is this means we're at the half way of become success???*
And then... we start to fill all the chocolate cream... into agar-agar a.k.a Jelly mold.... haha... Which looks like this:
*STAR shape!!! I like STARS!!! Hahahaha...*
Ok.... after fill up all the molds, so we put them into the freezer... And expect it to become as hard as CHOCOLATE like we use to see in the market....
*Ohhhh~ COLD!!! HELP US!!!!!!!*
And then.... We waited for 2 hours.... After 2 hours we went to see the chocolate... It was suppose to become hard as rock... But when we try to press it.... It was still soft!!! @_@ Oh My God!!! Which step I do which lead to this kind of situation??? And how now??? I'm not going to give it to others like this!!!! X_X Arrggghhh~ What now!!!???? So, the only way to finish up the rest of the chocolate cream is.... make it as chocolate fondue:
*Apple chocolate fondue~ Hahahaha...*
After we ate a few... It's kinda stuffy... So, just put it aside.... Hmm... How now??? What can I do now??? Valentine's approaching... I don't want my effort become ZERO!!! So, i search in the net... What can I do... and YES!!! COOKIES!!! There's such thing in this world called COOKIES!!!! HAHAHAHA XD FUIYO~ Luckily this world someone invented internet!! I just LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! So, now it's time to make cookies... and making cookies need flour, baking soda.... HUH??? FLOUR??? BAKING SODA??? Where am I going to buy these ingredients???? Ok... after discuss with Pei Yue, we decided to go to Desa Setapak shop lots to buy these ingredients.... Then, when we're on the way back... RAINING!!! Ahhhh~ Who say draught is coming after the flood??? Now it's raining everyday!!! X_X and Me and Pei Yue have to run back.... LOL.... Good for health, I long time didn't do exercise liao... haha... After reach Pei Yue's house... We're like getting asthma!! Hahahaha.... Have to exercise regularly liao....
So, Let's START!!!!
*First, mix everything inside!!! Haha, eggs, vanilla, butter, sugar, self raising flour, and nt to forget, cocoa powder!!!*
Then the next step of course is to use the mixer to mixed up everything... This time the texture is kinda hard abit, not that creamy... So I think the mixer also quite tired about mixing it.... Hahahahahaa.... Ok.... so, after mix it up.... We use a decoration puncher to punch it into some beautiful and nice shape... The puncher look like this:
*use to make cookies and icing decoration puncher...hehe*
Then, we punch it into a tray which have a thin layer of butter on it:
*This is baked cookies... You try to imagine the cookies that is a bit smaller and thinner when haven't bake yet... haha*
Then... have to put inside a baking stimmer.... This cooking device hor.... I also first time see... Looks like UFO!! Hahahahaha....
*See!! I told ya!!! It's AN UFO!!!*
And this stimmer kinda hard to control actually... The temperature have nothing to control it... So the only thing we can do is to close the main switch.... Haha... On and off on and off like that to make sure the cookies not over coooked! Haha... And then... Since this stimmer was place in the inner kitchen of Pei Yue's house... so when wanna lift the cover up, it was a bit hard... And I was so careless, i accidenttally touch the cover when i was holding the handle... and the side of my left thumb been burn by it!!! T_T SO PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*wu~~~ Pain ah Pain ah~!!!! wu~ T_T*
Ok... Then after put on some medicine... Continue with baking cookies!!! Haha... This time... The mixture only left a bit... So, we decided to make the shape our own.... Pei Yue make one heart shape and one ghost shape which looks more like an octopus shape.... haha... and I make 2 heart shape, and one..... Shit Shape!!! Hahahahahaha!! XD I've always wanted to try the shit shape!!! And now my dream comes true!!! Hahahaahahahaha!!! So happy bout it!!!
*Ok... So this is the last tray!!! Hahahahahaha with some special design!!! Haha*
Ok, I'll keep it as a secret how I wanna wrap the whole thing up... I'll post it after Valentine's Day!!! ^_^


  1. haha..make some for me plz..

  2. me no money buy valentine present for my gal

  3. hehe..where u learn all this

  4. search online or buy cookbook also got a lot liao ma

  5. LOL!!! I search online de... Haha... That's why the chocolate FAIL liao... haha... But luckily cookies still ok... haha

  6. Kevin5:23 AM

    hey hey hey~
    u still remember wat i told u de hor?remember to keep some cookies for me aaa..i dun care!!hehe =p

  7. LOL!!! Kevin!! The shit shape de still with me now... I'll give the one and only de for you!!!! HAHA XD

  8. Kevin5:26 AM

    oi..dun like that lar..i duwan the shit shape de >.< i wan normal shape de can liao..haha..the shit shape de u keep for urself la..wakakakaka :p