Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Take Me To The Paradise

Seems a busy day for me..... I went to work at 1pm(LOL! The work suppose to start at 12:30pm... But since it's freelance, so late a bit also never mind... hehe...) I drive to MidValley today... I admit that actually I'm quite a dangerous driver, but that 'DANGEROUS' driver me only appears when I'm driving alone... I use the Jln Duta to go to MidValley.... From Air Panas to MidValley, a little bit traffic jam, but I manage to arrive MidValley 10minutes... Haha.... Hmm... 10 minutes, like from my house go to Desa Setapak like that... LOL... So dangerous.... X_X Haveto be careful a bit from now on... Ok, even though I arrive at MidValley in 10minutes, but I end up finding parking space for 20 minutes... Going circle and circle just to find a space for me to stop my car.... Crowded like hell!!! All those people, cars, reserved parking space... I feel I make the wrong decision to drive there.....
Ok, skip the whole working part, and today I have a date with KEI!!! Hehehehe... She today finish exam... And we decided to go to Paradise to have our dinner as a celebration!! Haha(Celebrate for the end of the exam.... LOL... What kind of excuse is that??) And then, I arrive at Paradise 7pm++ and then Kei went to buy comic! 3 Keroro Comics!!! Waaa..... I really wanna watch that! Borrow me~~~ ^w^ And then, we order our meals.... and then... TADAA!!!

BUTTER CHICKEN RICE!!! Waaa~ When the dish arrive, I almost drool because of the aroma of the butter~ So nice~!!! And there's also a soup which is full of chicken skin!!! EWWWWW~ But still I didn't dare to waste any drop of it... It's quite delicious actually.... hmm.... appearance probably will make Suki say NO! haha.... and then... to make you drool in front of your computer~ SEE!!!

This butter chicken rice actually cost RM4.80... Hmm... Quite expensive?? No??? Depends on your financial lo.... Haha... And then.... After 20minutes, I almost finish my rice, then only my drink arrive~

HOT CHOCOLATE desu~!!! Hahahaha... I give Kei a try, she say got some red tea flavour inside... Haha, like Lipton... Hmm... Probably this chocolate actually is manufactured by Lipton Company??? Who knows, but I feel kinda soothing and happy after drink, what they add inside???? HAHA XD

Kurosaki Kei desu!!! Hahahaha.... She's performing 'no shadow hand".... A legendary Kung-Fu which only pass on to those who name Kurosaki.... haha... and now she's showing me some of her skill... Walau, I straight away stunned in front of her... You see right? One hand she also can do the skill thingy... This is what I call MASTER! SALUTE!!!! ^_^*7
Wahahaha... After we finish our dinner, we went to Jaya Jusco... To have an after meal walk... Actually searching for things to buy for Chinese New Year preparation.... Kei saw one HellCats Short Jacket T-Shirt Combo.... That one really NICE!!! and COOL!!! And I think she's going to buy it this Friday.... I wonder what colour she'll choose... Haha.... And then, we went to those accessories shops to looks for accessories to buy... I feel so damn hand itchy, feel like buying things, mana tahu all I left in my purse is only RM7.... Haha, so nothing for me today.... Later then we went to BRJ for some refreshment and the go to Kei's house....
What a nice day for me~ Wish that I can EVERYDAY hang out with my friends.... Haha... Impossible, they have their life also... hah.... So, How's your day?? ^_^


  1. LOL u wanna show my skill to the world meh. SWT.

  2. LOL!!! Let them know your GENG-ness ma.... hahaha, so no people will dare to bully me! HAHA