Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nuffnang Analytics

LOL... actually I'm having my supper now in the middle of the night... And my menu for supper is McD's Original Ayam Goreng 'Large' Set... Haha... Don't scold me for eating this kind of junk food in the middle of the night... It's a type of pregnancy woman's midnight cravings symptoms that will last for the whole pregnancy process... Hehe...

While I'm savouring my piece of chicken meat, I went to Nuffnang to check my blog's analytics... And I think for last month's analytics, I've achieved 400++ unique visits... Can someone tell me this is a very shameful amount, or just normal amount, or it's a good result? Haha.... I don't know how bloggers attract traffic to their blogs... I just know that leaving comments and blog hopping can be helpful. Is this the way to do so to attract traffic?

And I checked the keywords that people use to found my blog in Google or wherever... And you know what? The word 'Bangi Kopitiam' gets the 1st place in the keywords list!!! O_O My eyes are round and big!!! Seems like a lot of people want to know more about Bangi Kopitiam huh??? But it was such a normal kopitiam... Or I can say even worst than Old Town... But still curiosity kills the cat, people wanna try themselves only they can be sure that this kopitiam SUCKS!

Then there was some keywords like 'outdoor bridal shooting in KL', but mine was done at Ipoh, 'Henna design in Ipoh', but my henna was done at KL One Utama... LOL! And there's this 'Ghost Cinderella'... It was a Korean ghost movie that I watch last year... Or last last year, and I read through the post I wrote... I found out that my writings become different... I mean the style and my grammar or vocabulary usage... Changed! I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or bad thing, but I'm sure it was fun reading what you've write before... Refresh all the memories you have inside....

Human's brain is not a small container... Normal human can use up to only 2% of brain usage... And the 98% are just sleeping cells or whatever you wanna call it... People tend to forget what they've been through, happiness, sadness, miserables etc... Once you've close your eyes in the night, everything becomes a past, a past that you eventually may forget... Or I shouldn't say forget everything, but a whole large piece of memories will be erase, then, record the new memory called 'Present'...

Blogging really is an useful activity(At least to me IT IS!!!). I think today, at this moment, after I view the nuffnang analytics, I found what I almost lost or forget - Happiness!!!

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