Thursday, November 16, 2006


How many people can really say that they're loyal to their partner?
Do you dare to ask yourself?
Do you dare to speak out load that you're LOYAL?
Don't speak so loud first if you haven't meet the TEMPTATION of your life!
A believable person will do some unbelievable things...
Have faith, trust in somebody 100%, but... become something that'll be the pain of your life...
How come human born with a greedy heart?
Do you think you still have options in your life once you step into the red carpet?
The answer is NO! Did you hear me??? NOOO!!!
What only means to you is YOUR FAMILY..... To take care of them, get close and buld up a good relationship with them, be with them till the end of your life... There's no other options...
But why somebody have to make the game complicated??? They think they're really playing games??? They think they have the cheat code to make the game more exciting, more fun, and won't die??? FUCK OFF LA! There's no such thing ok!!!???
I really don't know what is going on... In this world, there's so many things happening, but why such bad thing happened around me? WHY? I still half believe what she told me but till I saw the essay! FUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!! Do you know you wrote such DISGUSTING thing and you still dare to save it in your own computer!!!??? How old are you? Do you think your action bring you back to your youth time again??? You dun SIAO la! Only bring you to hell ok? Do you think of what your family thinks? What your wife will think and feel? What your daughter will feel??? Do you care their feelings when they discover your action??? You don't really hope that they'll fogive you isn't??? You really brain have problem liao! X_X
Is there anyone I can trust??? Anyone that can 100% loyal? I don't think so.... After what happened in these few days... I don't think I'll ever trust anyone 100% again.... Even the most kind-looking person cheat, what about the rest of the people in this world?
My feeling is so SUCK right now..... WORLD SUCKS, LIFE SUCKS....
*truth.... hurts....*


  1. Cool down... there is still hope out there. just take it as an experience that will make us stronger. you can trust me if u want. hehe. friend friend ma.

  2. *ROOAARRRRR!!* >=0

  3. Trust brings Pain... We should tell ourselves never make mistakes in relationship i guess.... If no feeling can say directly ma, what for hide here and there and do wrong things? Discuss la! Solve the problem!