Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Note Gang

Here's some photos that I just received from Pei yue's camera...
hahahahahaha.... What a DEATH NOTE GANG! XD
**chicken, Kei, Me, Potato**
*I'm holding the Death Note movie tickets... haha... then Kei like showing some tricks, slowly her hands appears holding the movie ticket also... lol.... Ivy and Qi laugh like hell....XD*

*after the movie, we decided to take photo with the advertisement box.... LOVE DEATH NOTE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! hahahaha.... But I know I look like ghost anyway... hahaha XD*

*Qi really looks like she's holding the apple right???? hahahaha XD good effect!!! I know I try to stand and pose like L, but anyways, I still sucks.... =P.....*

But no matter what~ HAPPY "L" DAY~ MINNA-SAN~ ^O^*
May today be one of our sweet memories and keeps in all our hearts and accompany us.... till end....
*Lol... i sound like a priest~ XD


  1. Oooo!!!! KAKOII!!! X3X3!!
    i haven watch Death Note ler...

  2. LOL!!! you better go watch with your friends.... It's totally FUN!!! XD

  3. tomoro finally i can go watch Death Note!!!
    yeah~~ weee~!!!
    (siao liao)