Monday, July 14, 2008

Roti Babi Part 1

Read the Sin Chew Newspaper yesterday, and suddenly saw that there's a very unique chinese food which only appear at 2 places in the whole Semenanjung Malaysia. One is at Penang, one is at Jln Dang Wangi or something, opposite the Plaza Wilayah, around Sogo area there... And this food got a special name too... Called Roti Babi.

LOL~ I think this name sounds kinda ugly, but since I know where's the restaurant and the place is kinda near to my house, so few of us decided to go to this old style coffee restaurant to try this so call Roti Babi...

However, today I think is not the day la.... Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo heavy rain!!! Oh my gosh~ Can't even go down the car without getting wet even though with umbrella... And end up we have our lunch at McDonald's Carrefour Wangsa Maju... What the -_-""""

Tomorrow will give this roti babi an attempt again! Hopefully tomorrow is a big shiny bright sunny day! Everyone, please pray for me and the roti babi....


  1. Kevin5:37 AM

    Hey yo..Looks who's in the house after leaving the house for so long lol wtf =.=

    I tell you what..I saw that in newspaper too..When i was reading through the newspaper i was like wtf?Roti Babi?Halal one ah?wtf hahaha..I think no malay or muslims can enter that shop la then..Only non-muslims can try that Roti Babi out..haha..after trying it let me know whether it is nice or not ok?Coz i'm curious about it too since it have a special name..hahaha :p

  2. hurley11:53 AM

    hey, spare the babi lah, have mercy and go for vegetarian! =P

  3. LOL ya la wtf roti babi. hahahha XD

  4. Hi there,
    I saw that you left a message on my friend Jingna's blog. Moreover you wear the same (uncommon) name as my wife.. so I was doubly curious ;)

    Will keep looking at your blog once in a while ;)


  5. Kevin: Of course non halal one lo... chinese kopitiam lai de!

    hurley:Don't let me see you eat meat then! Haha~

    Kei: Ya la, wtf right????

    P:Thanks!!! ^_^

  6. roti babi... sounded quite weird -.- y cant they name it nicer like piggy bread leh?