Saturday, May 10, 2008

Inside The Grave Now

Yes, yes, I'm officially lying inside the grave right now... And the location of the grave actually is in the middle of no where... Haha...

Chinese used to say, or I should be more specific, chinese teenagers used to say that marriage actually is the grave for LOVE. Marriage will shut down everything romantic about love, about the relationship, and what will replace with those missing part will be cruel, realistic, arguements, fights and then divorce...

However, I'm still trying to get use to my new grave... I didn't really have high expectations about life now as I know the world to me is not a bed of roses. I learned this since I was small... I know the world is cruel, unfair and bla bla bla alot of black elements is actually going on with this world, I just wish my life will be normal that's all.
I hope I have normal husband, normal kids, normal family lifestyle. This is the most basic expectations I'm having now. And too, I will learn to become a normal lady(as I'm going to become 21 next month), a normal daughter(to my parents and his parents), normal wife and a normal mother. I never think that I will jump status from a girl to a mother in just a moment. Alot of things I have to learn from now... And time is ticking....
But anyway, thanks to all those wishes I get, no matter from Japan, Maldives, from KL and anywhere, thanks alot. These wishes keeps me happy and I will try my best to have a good, new life now... inside the grave! hehe

*See we both smile so happily inside... Muahaha*

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