Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moyu Online Game Roadshow

Last week's 10th, 11th, and 12th ofAugust I'm working for Moyu Online Game. The venue was at Times Square 9th floor. Isolated...

Micky is a very nice agent I can say... She take care and care for our working situation! Thank you~ Yeanie, this cute little who loves Hello Kitty alot is my team mate... She's a cutie pie and nice girl too~ Nice to meet ya! hehe...

Including me, there's 4 girls work for this roadshow. We're required to wear sleeveless tops, jeans skirt, sports shoes and a doggie ears and tails accessories! Haha... Like Japanese huh? I like those ears so much~!!!!

The first day we work was aslo the grand opening day of Cycom! They really put alot of effort and money to make this grand opening a success. Three lions for the lion dance... and Apple Ipod promotion! Ipod Shuffle just sell for RM99!!! Wow...

Quite complicated our job scope and quite something occurs with the guy which appear as a GM in the game and supervise us our working attitude... He have attitude problem.... Not really a nice working experience with HIM!

But anyway... Thanks to everyone who supports the success of the roadshow and thanks to Micky, Yeanie, Michelle and Kitmee! It's fun working with you guys~!! Keep it touch ya! Hope can see you guys next time!

P.S: Thanks to dear dear too for your visit and the apple pie!!! *^o^*

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  1. Anonymous8:09 PM

    hi is liew here from cycom, sorry , bcoz now only i c this blog, anyway TQ for all the thing u all have dont on tat 3 days cycom grand opening. hope we can cooperate next time. take care, keep in touch. my email is Muak!!!!!!!!