Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kenny Sia's Nuffnang Cheque

OMFG! I couldn't believe it...
I think this will be the weirdest dream I ever had!
I dreamed of Kenny Sia! O_o"""""""""""""""

Couldn't believe that he actually appears in my dream and we talked. Must be he ate those joss-stick beef make him have super power.

In my dream, we chat.(Ya, so Fxxking unbelivable that I actually manage to chat with Kenny!) and he just received paycheque from Nuffnang.

Guess the amount he receive for the advertising fees....

RM100,000++!!! He even show me the cheque!!!

Kenny, I guess I reveal your salary. Haha XD

Anyway, I woke up, dream gone. X_X


  1. that's a rather rare dream. probably won't be that much, nuffnang will go bankrupt =P

  2. If this is turn out to be true... ...

  3. 100k, i'll go full time blogging anytime then

  4. Wut else did he show u?

  5. LOL so nice 1!
    Maybe the dream shows the cheque, then the next day it's sent to your house. =x

  6. Nuffnang paid over RM15,000 to one blogger I personally know each month...

    azrin @

  7. irvine: Dunno, maybe count in Rupiah then Nuffnang can pay lo~ Haha XD

    weide: Have to ask Kenny then...

    Harmony: YA!! Me too~

    Wilson Ng: He did show me his smile~ Hehe

    Kei: Don't want la~ Later that cheque bounce back I disappointed!! Haha~

    Azrin: Really???? Your friend's blog must be very interesting!!!

  8. Wow didn't know our Kenny now so famous.

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