Monday, April 02, 2007

What A Life

Recently, it's hard for me to have time alone... I've always been going out since... erm... 27th of February??? Haha... And all those hang out places around Klang Valley, I've been there until I boring... Not really boring la... but still if you ask me where I'll choose to go hang out around Klang Valley next time, I'll say: Up to You! I have no idea... haha XD
Recently, I didn't meet up with Seisyun at all... except one on one.... We didn't really get to hang around together, doing crazy stuffs and laugh until we cry... I look back to all those puri kuras that we took 2 years ago, and I miss those precious moments so much... Remember we use to think what we'll do together in the future?? What we'll use to decorate the rooms if we get to live together?? What style we should wear for the hang out?? And what we should act as or how to decorate those puri kuras... Those are the days we laugh the most, and not worry about anything....
Last friday, went to University Malaya to watch a music showcase present by those who study music degree at that university... It's a very simple music event but mix with alot of cultural's traditional music and make it into a showcase... They have big band Jazz, have solo piano, some malay traditional music origin from Minangkabau and Indonesia, have Acapella and so on.... I only got one picture of this whole event because I was disappointed to the resolution of my camera and I don't feel like wanna take picture.... hehe

*This is the big band jazz... with no coordination of clothes and the conductor don't look like a conductor...*
Actually the whole show case was below average... Not really a spectacular music show, but this is present by almost all first year student, so still a big clap for them... At least they try to perform everything nicely....
Recently, I didn't notice anything unusual happen around me... Is it because my attention start to focus on the very person, I didn't really pay attention to myself and things around me...
Sorry if you notice I neglect about you... I don't mean it.... sorry...


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Don't worry I havent posted in over ten days, I will soon though.

  2. LOL... I'm feeling like I'm not a responsible blogger... This kind of feelings just sucks!

  3. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Blog and feel better:) :) :)