Friday, March 16, 2007


Yesterday was a big day for all those STPM students... Their effort will be shown in a piece of result paper.... And for me, yesterday was a sunny day....
I drive to Desa and fetch Pei Yun and then go to school... By the time I reach school already 12 something... They say they're going to announce the result at 12pm... But still LATE! They always do things slow, mess up with other people's time schedule... haihz....
Me and Pei Yun sit at the corridor there... Listening to people cheering for getting good result... Some cried because they didn't reach their target... And me.... I'm just sitting there shaking my legs feel nothing.... I know I didn't work hard for it, and I don't really wish or hope that I can get a good result... LOL! Many people ask me to think positive, but I'm kind of honest people... I mean I honest to myself... For things I never put in effort before, I won't hope that I'll get something... You can say I'm realistic, but yes, I AM! I don't give myself a mirage or false hope just to make myself feel better.... And, so same with yesterday... I just went to take result without any happy or sad feeling... It's just like a simple action... Sit down, sign a paper and take the result... hmm... How complicated can it be?

*Students, students, students..... All hope the can see As when they open the paper*

*See the blue tudung and blue baju kurung teacher??? That's my history teacher... Always catch my fault... Been aim for one year....*
I get a B-, 2 D and 1 F.... D and F consider Fail... so I can say I failed 3/4 of my studies.... hahahaha.... What a good student I am... Pei Yun and Suki keep on asking me whether I'm ok and still have mood to go play at Sg Wang or not... Actually I'm kinda dilemma that time... I don't really feel like wanna celebrate, but I enjoy being with them... LOL... So I decided to go enjoy with them instead of going home sleep... haha....
My mum will fetch us go LRT station... and my mum keep nagging me and talk bad about me when everyone is inside the car... I really feel so unhappy about it!! At least she can say it when I'm not around, or say it when I'm at home... but not in front of everyone.... I really feel sad and mad about it... Haihz... Why she just don't try to be gentle and understanding abit? At least that can reduce our fight and make the atmosphere harmony abit right? She just don't get that....
Aiks... Then, we take Putra LRT go to Dang Wangi station then walk to Monorail station at Bukit Nanas... In the middle of the journey, you know what we saw? We saw THIS!!!:


*Plenty of black monkeys!! haha.... All eating bread!*

*this monkey have very long tail! haha*

All looks so cute eating bread that somebody feed them... This is the first time I dare to go so near to monkeys since I was small and I had some phobia about monkey because they chased me before.... haha... But those are brown fur monkey, those we usually see, with red face... Not these cute little black fellows... haha.....
After we took some photos bout it, then we continue to go to Sg Wang.... We went to Gasoline... Kevin, Steven and Shi Wei are there having their lunch already... haha... Then I ordered a mushroom soup, and a cup of chocolate snowy, Suki ordered a *OH SHIT I FORGOT WHAT!!!!* and Pei Yun also ordered a *I ALSO DON'T REMEMBER WHAT IS THAT!!!!* Haihz.... Then, after a full lunch, we went to roller blading!! Woo hoo~ This is my first time to play roller blade after don't know six or seven years!!! I miss roller blading SOOOO MUCH!!!! So, we all pay for the admission fees.... Hey guys! If you guys think it's RM16 per entry, then YOU'RE WRONG!!!! It's only RM7 for student price!!! And you can get a free drink at the roller skate bar.... Haha!! So, we all get in the place, change shoes, and getting started!!! I thought this roller blading will be kinda same like how I use to play... BUT I WAS TOTALLY WRONG!!! When I start to get inside the skating rink, I FELL DOWN!!! O_O"""" It was like a pain in the ass!!! Wow, really can't imagine the pain!!! SO PAIN!!! Then, I get up, start to balance, and skate... The skating rink base was kinda smooth so with a small pace you can skate real far.... haha... And hard to control!!! Then, after on round, I fell down just right at the entrance of the rink.... All of my friends saw it, and some laugh at me, and some so worried they'll fall down like me... haha... Then, I lead Pei Yun and Suki go inside the rink... all of them holding the side bar of the rink.... walking step by step... And they keep on practising in a small place at the emergency exit there... Kok Cheong (A.k.a Kam Sao) was the most fast learner i guess... He first time play with roller blading, and after about 2 hours, he can skate without any assistant.... Woo~ Way to go KAM SAO!! Haha... And Kevin was the LAME-est... He went to this roller blading thingy once, this will be his second time, and he still don't dare to skate... Haihz... So slow la!!! Catch up a bit! haha....
After we trained for about 4 hours, all of us are so tired and whole body so pain... Our body start to feel kinda numb and feels like it's other people's body.... And when we're walking, it feels like floating in the air... LOL!!! haha.... And then, after saying goodbye to Kevin, Steven and Shi Wei... Four of us - Me, Suki, Pei Yun and Kam Sao went to KFC.... I was so hungry that I ordered and finish a dinner plate which contains three piece of chicken!! Haha!!! Ya, I know I'm a horrible person.... Can eat so much.... Then, after that, I follow Pei Yun go back to her house because she say Anthony will come and fetch for supper... And you know where we go? We went to GASOLINE!!! AGAIN!!! But different location... This time we go somewhere at Pandan Jaya de... Hmm... But I still like that Gasoline at Sg Wang de more... This time I ordered a Grape Tea, Pei Yun ordered a Marmite Chicken Wings and Anthony ordered a Momocha and a meal *I forget what it is!!!* Haha, then we play poker cards... and then about 1pm we finish our drinks foods and go home... We went to Chow Kit search for ah gua (transexual whore)... But for the whole night, we only saw one... T_T Bad luck for me... haha...
It's really a tired day... From accepting my suck result until go search for Ah Gua... haha
*Me and Pei Yun... Use Anthony's Sony Ericsson Z610i and took in by night mode...hmm....*
*My own phone... Ya, I know, I look like ghost....*


  1. Kevin1:27 AM's roller skate not roller blade la..where got blade =.=" bad bout me again =.= dun laugh at me ok..that is just the 2nd time i go n skate okay?

    when wana come out n skate again?now my standard almost same like u liao lo..i think..or maybe better than u abit?haha..just i dunno how to brake only..the same problem as u..haha..i've improve alot u can't laugh at me now..hahaha..

    P/S:dun "pak tor" until no mood to work la..haha :p

  2. Anonymous8:35 PM

    You are to hard on yourself hermanita.

  3. Kevin: due to it's in-line style so this also called roller blading, go gain more knowledge before you come talk to me la... and your standard almost same like me? dun let me laugh till die la... haha.... ok ok see find when to play together again lo... and I won't pak tor till no mood to work, just kinda busy thinking and searching for my further study recently... haihz...
    Dave: I'm too hard to myself??? Are you sure? I never was too hard to myself... Everybody knows including my parents... They think I dind't even put any effort in it.. and I admit too... hehe

  4. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Rieko, your to hard ON yourself. Its not about effort, but how we view ourslves. Please refer to my e-mail. Te Amo

  5. yea, the roller skating sux
    i paid 16 bucks to pokai also. lol

  6. reiko...dun give up...
    bill gates is a drop out..but he is the richest man in the world...